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We’re not just web developers and content managers—we’re also writers. Having over a decade of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of having a credible author site with the ability to reach search engines.

Even if you have yet to publish, we can work with you to create a professional site that highlights your distinct style. By identifying your goals we produce a portfolio that attracts different parts of the industry. Do you want to write for business or marketing agencies? Are you interested in publishing with literary journals? What about editors or co-authors or agents? These questions will shape how you present yourself online.

We are currently offering affordable templated websites for both writers and artists. These sites are built on the same technology that we use in our business sites, but are fine-tuned for the industry, and are engineered to get up and running in as little as a week.


What You Get

Our templated portfolio websites are modular, meaning that adding additional features down the line is simple and fast. If you are looking for a feature that isn’t listed here, just let us know, and we’ll work something out for you!

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For Literary Writers

Since many writers feel self-conscious writing their own third-person bio, we provide this service free of charge. A bio is typically 3 - 4 lines describing a writer's style and/or publications. We work with you to provide a professional and accurate representation of you and your work. We are familiar with what different literary publications have to offer our clients. If you are interested in learning about online or print publications that have a similar style to your writing, we will evaluate your work and suggest places to submit. We are not affiliated with any suggested publications.

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For Freelancers

If you are using an author site to expand your clientele, we tailor our sites to meet your chosen professional audience. Freelancers who are interested in business writing will want a clean and direct portfolio that is optimized for potential employers. Our sites can highlight different aspects of a client's personality depending on their industry of choice. Social media is an important aspect to freelancing. Our sites pair well with linked-in profiles, Freelancer, and UpWork. A contact form is publishable on the author site for easy access to potential clients. Website visitors also have the option to sign up for your newsletter.

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